In addition to Noble Athletics’ great workout programs, we also offer individual nutritional programming to fit your goals. You work, one on one, with our nutrition specialist to find out what your goals are so that you can achieve your goals sooner! 

Tired of being told your not allowed to have certain foods? Then our program is perfect for you. There IS a program that doesn’t make you feel guilty for having a slice of cake because it’s your birthday. It’s called Flexible Nutrition.

Flexible Nutrition is a lifestyle that teaches you how to eat healthy, satisfy a craving, and look better all at once. All that matters is that you hit your macronutrients. Sure, you can go online and find a macronutrient calculator to get your macros, however, there isn’t one out there that will give you the right numbers. Their automated questions don’t take several factors into consideration, thus giving you incorrect information.

Working with our nutrition specialist will give you the tools you need to succeed. People often throw out an entire day of “eating healthy” because they ate a cookie. They get the case of the f*** it’s and say ‘I’ll get back on track tomorrow’. Unfortunately, that one day can set you back dramatically. Flexible dieting teaches you to have your cookies, log it, and move on. The hardest part about flexible dieting is stopping after your one or two cookies. 

Flexible Nutrition still harps on eating nutrient dense food to ensure you’re getting all your micronutrients. It teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food so that you don’t get into food shaming because you had a slice of pizza.

With a great nutrition coach and flexible nutrition, you will see great results, keep your strength, feel better, and look better!

Macros with a month of remote coaching


Making a change in your life but still need a little guidance? This includes the Custom Macros plus a month of remote coaching (with a 3 month minimum for beginners). We will communicate via phone and emails to help hold you accountable and answer questions that you might have.

Macros plus one week of meal plans


Looking for a complete lifestyle change in terms of food? This includes Custom Macros plus a week of recipes to get you through the week and hit your macros every day.

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